Win a Speaking Role in Greater Boston: For Charity!

Exciting announcement! Greater Boston was invited to contribute to a silent auction to raise funds for Cristo Rey Boston, a non-profit private high school serving underprivileged Boston youth. And so we are auctioning off a small speaking role on the show!

Follow this link to bid on this opportunity to appear on the show, as well as to support a worthwhile educational institution!

Ours is not the only auction! Books signed by Henry Louis Gates Jr. or Noam Chompsky, Red Sox tickets, country club getaways, and even a chance to appear as a minor character in Junot Diaz’ next novel are all up for bids as well!

Frankly, with all the well-established and admirable people they’ve got participating, we have no idea why they let us in the door! But we’re proud to be contributing, and hope you’ll join us in supporting Cristo Rey by bidding on the auctions available, whether our own or one of the many others.

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