Greater Boston on Radio Drama Revival

Alexander and Jeff were honored this week to be included in Radio Drama Revival, a wonderful podcast that spotlights contemporary audio dramas alongside interviews with their creators. We’re both fans of host David Rheinstrom’s interviews, and were thrilled to have opportunity to sit as subject!

There’s lots of discussion here of how the show formed, how Jeff and Alexander collaborate, and how we feel about the weird coincidence of The Red Line Referendum coming in the wake of Brexit.

The episode also includes a re-airing of Episode 4: Leon at the Watch Factory. You can skip the episode if you’ve already heard it, but this one had major early moments for Louisa, Michael, and Nica, plus the first appearance of Mallory. Might be worth a re-listen as we head into the final two episodes of the season!

So, here you go: Radio Drama Revival Episode 440!

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