Greater Boston is looking for an actor to fill a role in our forthcoming third season, with potential for return in future seasons. Actor local to Boston and available for in-person recording preferred, but will consider remote actors, conditional on access to resources adequate to producing processional-quality recording.

Official show recording should take only an hour or two.

Record your audition and send mp3s of one or two takes to by Monday, May 14th. Please note whether you would be able to perform locally or remotely. If remotely, please record your audition with the equipment and recording space you would use for final recording.


AGE: 18


RACE: White or mixed race


Vincenzo is a young man living on his own for the first time. He has a somewhat oblivious nature, distractible and easily confused. Yet still capable of working through an effectively sly plan when he puts his mind to it.



Ah, Vincenzo. I think we’ve met, haven’t we? At the office. It’s a lucky thing that you’re here, as I have a letter for George.


Yeah. I mean…not anymore. That was just a short-term gig while I figure some things out. I mean, I could take him that letter if you want, but I don’t really know when I’ll see him again. I’m a free agent these days. Just waiting for the right opportunity. You know. This is your place, huh? It’s kinda grungy. So, like I said I’m kinda between gigs right now. And, like…funds aren’t flowing, you know?


I’m confused. Are you trying to mug me?


Ha, ha, naw, nothing like that. Sorry, I guess I’m not really getting this all out right. I’m just looking for a place to stay.

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