Episode 26: Reputable Citizens

Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, with recording and technical assistance from Marck Harmon.

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Content warnings at end of show notes.


This episode featured:

  • Braden Lamb as Leon Stamatis (he/him)
  • Julia Schifini as 23 Skidoo (she/her)
  • Jake Del Rio as Fox Fossil (he/him)
  • James Capobianco as Dipshit Poletti (he/him)
  • Jessica Washington as Isabelle Powell (she/her)
  • Sam Musher as Emily Bespin (she/her)
  • Kelly McCabe as Nica Stamatis (she/her)
  • Tanja Milojevich as Melissa Weatherby (she/her)
  • Summer Unsinn as Charlotte Linzer-Coolidge (she/her)
  • Lydia Anderson as Gemma Linzer-Coolidge (she/her)
  • Chad Ellis as Vincenzo (he/him)
  • Julia Propp as Louisa Alvarez (she/her)
Additional Voices
  • Vilte Baliutaviciute
  • Ryan Estrada
  • Kenny Garcia
  • JV Hampton-VanSant
  • James Hartley
  • Colin Kelly
  • Mike McQuilkin
  • Ebi Poweigha
  • Eric SiIver

Transcripts are available at GreaterBostonShow.com.


Charlie on the MTA by Emily Peterson and Dirk Tiede

Train Jam by Adrienne Howard and Emily Peterson

Isolated by Kevin McCleod

Drums by Jim Johanson

Content Notes

  • Strong language
  • Racism
  • Stigmatizing of mental health issues
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