Alexander Danner

Danner-photoWriter / Producer / Narrator / Additional Voices

Alexander’s fiction has appeared in The Saturday Evening Post,Event: Poetry & Prose, and Fantasy Scroll Magazine, among others, as well as in the anthologies Machine of Death and The Girl at the End of the World. He is co-author of Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present. He is a bookseller at Porter Square Books and serves as President of The Writers’ Room of Boston. His writing can be found at

As a performer, he has appeared in various audio dramas–playing Majmin in season 2 of Radiation World, guest starring in The Infinite Now halloween special “The Martian Thirst Trap,” as well as appearing in the episode “Whiskey Barrels,” and playing Allan and Boxing Announcer in episode 72 of Pendant Studios’ Seminar, among other background and cameo appearances.