Mini-Episode: Michael’s Farewell to Wanda

Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, with additional support from Jordan Higgs, TH Ponders, Bob Raymonda, and Jordan Stillman. Recording and technical assistance from Marck Harmon. We’ll be back on the first Tuesday of next month with another mini-episode as we continue to work on Season 4. YouContinue reading “Mini-Episode: Michael’s Farewell to Wanda”

Transcript For Farewell Wanda

[“Charlie on the MTA in D” plays.] MINI INTROThis is…This is… This is…Greater Boston! [“Charlie” fades out.] [Train/station noises in Red Line.] Bernie—Josh Rubino Well, good morning, Wanda! [A cat purrs.] Bernie And there’s little Delilah. How are you this morning, Delilah? Wanda—Tanja MilojevicAin’t nothing good about morning. It’s shit. It’s a shitty morning. AndContinue reading “Transcript For Farewell Wanda”