Worser Worcester – Greater Boston Halloween Special 2019 Transcript

Worser Worcester 

[Haunting Tune by Dirk Tiede plays]

This is…
This is…
This is…


[News music plays by Dirk Tiede]

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Season 2 Trailer: “Questions.”

Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason. Music by Emily Peterson and Dirk Tiede. This episode featured performances by: Practically everyone!

Greater Boston returns January 24th!

Happy Super Tuesday – Two Weeks to Launch!

Happy Super Tuesday, Massachusetts.

Speaking of voting, the plot of Greater Boston revolves around a fiery eccentric gathering signatures for a Massachusetts ballot initiative that would allow part of the MBTA (the Red Line, specifically) to secede from Boston and the other cities it comes into contact with and form its own,independent municipality.

While this is surely nutty, co-creator Jeff recently discovered that Massachusetts has a bit of a history when it comes to weird, wacky ballot initiatives. Check out his latest post over on Greater Blogston for more.