Transcript for Episode 4: Leon at the Watch Factory

TRANSCRIPT FOR EPISODE 4: LEON AT THE WATCH FACTORY COLD OPEN―INTERVIEW CLIP Female Interview 4 A friend of mine, who passed away… [deep breath] Um…she passed away two weeks ago. Interviewer – Jeff Van Dreason Oh, geez, I’m sorry. Female Interview 4 It’s okay. She said that she was…it was the best thing was sheContinue reading “Transcript for Episode 4: Leon at the Watch Factory”

Transcript for Episode 3: Professional Prognostication

TRANSCRIPT FOR EPISODE 3: PROFESSIONAL PROGNOSTICATION Content warnings at end. COLD OPEN―INTERVIEW CLIP Interviewer – Jeff Van Dreason What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever worked? Male Interview 1 I dunno, I’ve done a lot of weird Craigslist stuff because of, uh, fixing cars and stuff. But they’ve been pretty weird sometimes. I’ve met a lotContinue reading “Transcript for Episode 3: Professional Prognostication”

Episode 3: Professional Prognostication

This week in Greater Boston, Gemma receives an anniversary gift from ThirdSight Media and immediately begins plotting its destruction in “The Crystal Ball;” Leon applies for a job from beyond the grave in “Will and Determination;” and Michael is not quite as down on his luck as he thinks in “Guy Without Truck.” Content WarningsContinue reading “Episode 3: Professional Prognostication”

Transcript for Episode 2: Working on the Railroad

TRANSCRIPT FOR EPISODE 2: WORKING ON THE RAILROAD COLD OPEN—INTERVIEW CLIP Interviewer – Jeff Van Dreason What’s something that could make Boston greater? Male Interview 2 mmm…politeness? People…people being more polite. More…more manners. Interviewer mm-hm. Male Interview 2 More interactions. Random interactions. Interviewer People talk to each other more? Male Interview 2 Yeah. Like, IContinue reading “Transcript for Episode 2: Working on the Railroad”

Episode 2: Working on the Railroad

This week in Greater Boston, we meet three travelers on The Red Line: A pregnant woman has cabin fever in “Charlotte on the MBTA;” A fiery eccentric proposes a radical plan in “The Mayor of The Red Line;” and Louisa tackles her oddest photography assignment ever in “Red Line Wedding.” Production Written and Produced by AlexanderContinue reading “Episode 2: Working on the Railroad”


COLD OPEN—INTERVIEW CLIP Female Interview 1 What I love about Boston is that we’re such a close-knit little city. Boston is kinda like one of those cities that’s like…”oh yeah—they have history there.” But we’re sooo cute. I think we’re a cute city. And I don’t know how else to say this, but I loveContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT FOR EPISODE 1: FAMILY RIDDLES”

Episode 1: Family Riddles

This week in Greater Boston, we meet three siblings: baby brother Dimitri hunts the Sasquatch in “Part-Time Cryptozoologists;” middle child Nica rubs shoulders with celebrities in “The Famous Bobbin Winder;” and eldest brother Leon dies on a roller coaster in “Disaster Planning.”