Transcript for Mini-Episode: Shine a Light on ThirdSight

[News intro music]

CHUCK OCTAGON — Jeff Van Dreason

This is Chuck Octagon reporting for News 7 Shines a Light, and today we are shining our light on ThirdSight Media, the publishing body at the center of the Lottery attacks, and many questions abound. As a publisher, ThirdSight is responsible for such new agey claptrap as Metaphysical Monthly and Political Prognostication. It is also the former workplace of Dipshit Poletti, the man who blackmailed me into marrying my wonderful husband Andy in the ridiculous City of Red Line, leading to the third and final Lottery attack, the Octagon Wedding Debacle, or “Ocdebacle” as some have taken to calling it, against my personal wishes. Poletti has since confessed to being a part of the conspiracy behind the attacks, pinning leadership of the scheme firmly on his employer, the publisher of ThirdSight Media—a man whose name has yet to be revealed.

Further complicating matters is evidence discovered by the administration of Acting Mayor Linzer-Coolidge tying ThirdSight Media directly to the mayoral campaign of Emily Bespin.

Today we are speaking with employees of ThirdSight Media—or perhaps I should say former employees, as the building has since shuttered without explanation—to see what they can reveal about their nefarious company. Continue reading “Transcript for Mini-Episode: Shine a Light on ThirdSight”


Transcript: Halloween Special: Spirits of Greater Boston

Welcome to a very special Halloween episode of Spirits Podcast.

Uh, we wanted to give you some spooky from one of America’s up-and-coming communities. Uhh, the City of Red Line. Uh, we reached out to Third Sight Media and talked to them about some of the strange and unusual happenings of Red Line?

But honestly? It’s what happened after the episode that’s particularly spooky. Since our recording with Third Sight’s media-rep Michael Tate, we were having trouble getting in touch with him. We reached out for some follow-up questions, figure out his twitter-links, stuff like that, but we didn’t get a reply. We reached out to Third Sight also and found out that not only has the company shuttered, but Michael is apparently…missing?

Isn’t that super freaky?

I was kinda torn over whether or not we should release this episode, actually. Continue reading “Transcript: Halloween Special: Spirits of Greater Boston”

Transcript for Mini-Episode: Cow-Dacon vs. BBQ Jackfruit

[Charlie on the MTA demo music plays]

This is…
This is…
This is…

Greater Boston.

[Charlie on the MTA music fades out].

[Loud buzzing noise, metallic cell door opening and closing, jailhouse ambience]

DIPSHIT — James Capobianco

Are you here to inform me Isaiah Powell has been released?

GEMMA — Lydia Anderson

Unfortunately not.


Then I have nothing further to say to you. You’ve taken my statement. And I will not offer any further information, no matter how relentlessly you torture me in this off-site, non-regulated pain chamber.

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Transcript for Mini-Episode: You’ve Gotta Be Sittin’ Me

[Charlie on the MTA demo version plays]

This is…
This is…
This is…

Greater Boston.

[Charlie on the MTA fades out. Red Line train car fades in].

CHARLOTTE: — Summer Unsinn

So the bottom line is he likes to be Baby-bjorn-worn when he’s not eating, sleeping or taking a bath. It might be hard on the back, but easy on the ears. He had a snack around 4:30 so he shouldn’t be hungry again until 5:45 or 6, depending on how he’s feeling. We’ve been pushing the solids lately and there’s some mashed peas, avocado, lentils, peaches — you can try to give him a couple of those but you make sure he wears a bib. In fact, it might be a good idea to just leave him in his diaper. It’ll be easier to hose him down and PJ him up once he’s done. You might want to stand back after you slip him his plate. He likes to paint more than eat and he’s an abstract expressionist. Jackson Pollock style.

LOUISAJulia Propp

Healthy distance. Got it.

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Transcript for Mini-Episode: With Truck/Without Truck

[Charlie on the MTA demo version]

This is
This is
This is
Greater Boston

[Music fades out]

[Phone ringing. Automated voice: “Please leave your message.”. Beep].

OLIVERMike Linden

Given that this number is at least activated, you have clearly received the cellular device I asked my courier deliver to your secret location. Good! As I wrote in my accompanying letter, it is 100% secure and totally untraceable. I appreciate that you finally reached out to me. I understand why you went into hiding after the Baked…after the debacle, and I think you are wise to remain out of sight for as long as possible. My own current whereabouts will remain obscured for as long as it takes to fashion myself with a new identity and properly distance myself from…our work.

That being said, I do have a task which needs to be completed. And this task can only be completed by you.

Phillip. I need you to take care of Michael. He is still in the apartments above the offices. I am no longer there. In fact, I was never there. As you know. But Michael is. Michael…remains.

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Transcript for Episode 22: Chuck Octagon’s News 7 Wedding Special, Live from Red Line, with Special Guest Andy Wood



Soo…my buddy got married. And…I ended up being the best man by default. And, of course, being the best man, having to make a speech, I decided to get really drunk ahead of time.




Oh, no.


And I asked my girlfriend, and beforehand, I’m like, “what should I do, I’ve never made a speech before,” and she goes, “eh, just ad-lib it.” So I took that to heart and before the wedding went out and bought a Mad Libs book.

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Transcript for Episode 21.5: Dan is Just Dan

[Music—Improvisation in D]


Dear Leon,

I said I’d write again when I knew more about the mystery I was pursuing. And for the second time in the last several months, I’m reminded that knowing more comes with a steep price. Finding my answer has quite literally trapped me in a cage. I’ve been allowed to write this letter after begging for permission from my captors. Beyond that, no further communication will be allowed, nor will I be able to return home unless I make an impossible choice.

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