Transcript for Episode 21: Liars & Legerdemain


Female Interview 1

Um, I think opening up, really. Actually it doesn’t matter if it’s like friends, or if it’s, umn you know, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever. I think opening up is, like, a big risk.

[Charlie on the MTA plays]

And then also…I think sharing my food is one. Because then, if you like it, then that means like next time I have it, you’re going to ask for another piece, and then I have to be like, “no, I don’t want to share with you, because I shared with you once.”



Previously in Greater Boston.

DIPSHIT POLETTI—James Capobianco

Because my employer has sent me to make sure you agree to have it broadcast live from Red Line.

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Transcript for 20.5: Dear Leon 3

[Ambient noises and jazz drones and play throughout fade up. Someone handwriting a letter. A typewriter. A computer. The typewriter jumps to a new line, producing a DING noise. Drone music crescendos and then fades quickly. “Drive the Cold Winter Away” fades up].


Dear Leon,

Still no answer to my previous letters. It’s okay, I’m not sure I deserve one. I have been a really bad Ben Affleck lately. Like…(sighs)…like ‘Gigli’ bad.  

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Transcript for Episode 20: Criminals


CHUCK OCTAGON – Jeff Van Dreason
Which criminal figure from Boston history fascinates you the most and why?

Male Interview 1

Chuck Octagon
Yeah. Can you …think of any?

Male Interview 1

Chuck Octagon
No, none?

Male Interview 1

Chuck Octagon

Male Interview 1
I mean, well, I went to prison and he…uhh, in my high school, he was, I guess, a criminal.

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Transcript for Episode 19.5: The Fortress of Solitude

[Cold wind blows]

[Dogs bark and rattle fence]

DIMITRI—James Johnston
Dear Leon,

I walk the watchtowers at night, during my shift protecting the perimeter, looking for unusual movement amongst the trees. There is de ja vu in this task, so reminiscent of my time hunting the Sasquatch. Back then, I eagerly searched the tree line for imaginary creatures that I wholeheartedly believed I would find. And now, I search the tree line for perfectly ordinary humans, whom I am certain my host has only imagined.

[Drive the Cold Winter Away fades in.]

I do not carry a rifle, though Darby wants me to. Urges me to. Shakes his head at my refusal. But I won’t carry a gun, Leon. I won’t.

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Transcript for Episode 19: Profiles with Chuck Octagon, Election Special


Female Interview 1
Oh, I’m so scared of heights. Umm. Which is funny though, because I like roller coasters?

[Charlie on the MTA begins playing]

But when I look down, I start freaking out. Like you know like sometimes when you’re like on a ladder you just feel like you don’t have so much control because like the ladder could, like, tip over at any moment? And then your like…so high up and and it’s like…I like my feet on the ground. Pretty much. Where I can…level everything.


Jeff Van Dreason

Previously…in Greater Boston.

And…I can’t tell you what the lottery is, umm, because it’s a surprise for our citizens.

NARRATOR — Alexander Danner
She moved shortly after. Her mother needed to find a new home after…after her father left.

ISABELLE POWELL — Jessica Washington
Very tight and cozy in here. How I like it.

ISAIAH POWELL — Mario Da Rosa Jr.
How do you convince someone to confess a secret. I’ve got this loved one who is keeping a whopper. If people knew about it? They’d be like, okay, cool.

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Transcript for Episode 18.5: Letters to Leon 2

[Ambient noises and jazz drones and play throughout fade up. Someone handwriting a letter. A typewriter. A computer. The typewriter jumps to a new line, producing a DING noise].


Dear Leon,

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to help someone who is clearly struggling or in pain, but helping them would force you into an unethical position?

[Police sirens wail in the background, police cars roll by]

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Transcript for Episode 17.5: A Solitary Coconut Tree

[Spanish Ladies plays.]

Dear Leon,

I’m sorry for my long silence. I’m sorry to have sent you such a dismal missive, so full of despair and black discovery. I’m sorry to have left you to worry over my fate these past months, especially after assuring you that I was on my way home. I’m sorry for so much.

Before anything else, I should assure you that I am as well as can be expected. It’s very cold here. And very dark. But that’s normal this time of year. It suits my mood, frankly. I recognize the fallacy of that, of surrounding myself with an environment that compounds my self-flagellation, rather than one that lifts me from it. But it’s not as though I chose this place. It is simply where I find myself. And so I accept it as where I belong for the immediate future.

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