Transcript for Episode 8: Message in a Bottle

COLD OPEN—INTERVIEW CLIP Interviewer—Jeff VanDreason What makes Boston Great? And what can make it greater? Male Interview 2 Hmmmm… I want to say “the people,” but the people suck…now. That would be something that I’d improve. But that’s probably because of you know, common technology and stuff. Nobody likes to talk to each other. But,Continue reading “Transcript for Episode 8: Message in a Bottle”

Transcript for Episode 7: Divinations

  COLD OPEN—INTERVIEW CLIP Male Interview 2 It would still be a horrible nightmare, like…everything train-wise, budget-wise, like the winter. We buy, we buy trains with like the equivalent of like 500,000 miles on them. Like way out of their service range. Everything…they’re like complete junk. Every single thing on them will be still breakingContinue reading “Transcript for Episode 7: Divinations”

Transcript for Episode 5: Geography Lessons

COLD OPEN—INTERVIEW CLIP Male Interview 6 What the Red Line…the Red Line…I see the Red Line as more of a…people that take the Red Line are… It’s my theory though, of people that take the Red Line is the people that have more money. Okay, you’re going to Cambridge, Harvard, and you’re going the otherContinue reading “Transcript for Episode 5: Geography Lessons”

Transcript for Episode 4: Leon at the Watch Factory

TRANSCRIPT FOR EPISODE 4: LEON AT THE WATCH FACTORY COLD OPEN―INTERVIEW CLIP Female Interview 4 A friend of mine, who passed away… [deep breath] Um…she passed away two weeks ago. Interviewer – Jeff Van Dreason Oh, geez, I’m sorry. Female Interview 4 It’s okay. She said that she was…it was the best thing was sheContinue reading “Transcript for Episode 4: Leon at the Watch Factory”

Transcript for Episode 3: Professional Prognostication

TRANSCRIPT FOR EPISODE 3: PROFESSIONAL PROGNOSTICATION Content warnings at end. COLD OPEN―INTERVIEW CLIP Interviewer – Jeff Van Dreason What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever worked? Male Interview 1 I dunno, I’ve done a lot of weird Craigslist stuff because of, uh, fixing cars and stuff. But they’ve been pretty weird sometimes. I’ve met a lotContinue reading “Transcript for Episode 3: Professional Prognostication”

Transcript for Episode 2: Working on the Railroad

TRANSCRIPT FOR EPISODE 2: WORKING ON THE RAILROAD COLD OPEN—INTERVIEW CLIP Interviewer – Jeff Van Dreason What’s something that could make Boston greater? Male Interview 2 mmm…politeness? People…people being more polite. More…more manners. Interviewer mm-hm. Male Interview 2 More interactions. Random interactions. Interviewer People talk to each other more? Male Interview 2 Yeah. Like, IContinue reading “Transcript for Episode 2: Working on the Railroad”


COLD OPEN—INTERVIEW CLIP Female Interview 1 What I love about Boston is that we’re such a close-knit little city. Boston is kinda like one of those cities that’s like…”oh yeah—they have history there.” But we’re sooo cute. I think we’re a cute city. And I don’t know how else to say this, but I loveContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT FOR EPISODE 1: FAMILY RIDDLES”