Episode 17: The Red Line Tea Party

PRODUCTION Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason with recording and technical assistance from Marc Harmon. An enormous thank you to The Alexandria Archives, a podcast of Southern weird horror, for their generous support of Greater Boston. You can find them at AlexandriaArchives.com. And thank you to all ourContinue reading “Episode 17: The Red Line Tea Party”

Transcript: Mini Episode Mallory Sums Up!

[Music: Charlie on the MTA] MULTIPLE VOICES This is This is This is Greater Boston [Music fades out] [Music: Tosa Waltz] MALLORY — JOHANNA BODNYK First off, you gotta know about this fucking guy named Leon, the human equivalent of a grandfather clock. If you came up to me and were like “Mallory, you canContinue reading “Transcript: Mini Episode Mallory Sums Up!”

Greater Boston on Radio Drama Revival

Alexander and Jeff were honored this week to be included in Radio Drama Revival, a wonderful podcast that spotlights contemporary audio dramas alongside interviews with their creators. We’re both fans of host David Rheinstrom’s interviews, and were thrilled to have opportunity to sit as subject! There’s lots of discussion here of how the show formed,Continue reading “Greater Boston on Radio Drama Revival”

Win a Speaking Role in Greater Boston: For Charity!

Exciting announcement! Greater Boston was invited to contribute to a silent auction to raise funds for Cristo Rey Boston, a non-profit private high school serving underprivileged Boston youth. And so we are auctioning off a small speaking role on the show! Follow this link to bid on this opportunity to appear on the show, as well asContinue reading “Win a Speaking Role in Greater Boston: For Charity!”