Greater Bostonians

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Leon Stamatis
Born: 1983, Somerville, MA
Occupation: Copy Editor, Infinite Highway Productions
Residence: Porter Sq., Cambridge
Leon was the eldest sibling of the Stamatis family, a steadfast and reliable man of predictable habits. Brother to Nica and Dimitri, old friend and roommate to Michael, and ex-boyfriend to Louisa. Leon recently died on a roller coaster.

Nica Stamatis
Born 1987, Somerville, MA
Occupation: Tour Guide
Residence: Teele Sq., Somerville
The middle child of the Stamatis family, Nica is an amateur performer, working in sewing machine repair by day and open mic spotlights by night. She has big dreams of one day acheiving stardom. Sister to Leon and Dimitri.

Dimitri Stamatis
Born: 1989, Somerville, MA
Occupation: Explorer, Freelance
Residence: N/A
The baby of the Stamatis family, Dimitri is an impulsive adventurer, always ready to chase after any new mystery that crosses his path. He was last seen seeking the mythical Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest, but continues sending letters home to his brother. Brother to Leon and Nica.

Gemma Linzer-Coolidge
Born: 1977, Centereach, NY
Occupation: Line Editor, ThirdSight Media
Residence: Kenmore Sq., Boston
A disgruntled employee at a publisher whose magazines she has no respect for, Gemma wants nothing more than to quit her job and build a life at home. But she has a family to care for, so instead of quitting, she takes her hostilities out on her subordinates at work. Wife of Charlotte, co-worker of Gerald and Tyrell.

Charlotte Linzer-Coolidge
Born: 1981, Johnstown, PA
Occupation: Animation Background Artist, Unemployed
Residence: Kenmore Sq., Boston
Charlotte is pregnant and recently unemployed, and suffering terrible cabin fever. She is formerly a background artist at a local independant animation studio, a career she loved, but all of the animation studios in Boston have shut down in recent years, so she has nowhere to go. Wife of Gemma.

Michael Tate
Born: 1983
Occupation: Copy Editor, Unemployed
Residence, Porter Sq., Cambridge
A recovering alcoholic who owes his past decade of sobriety to his best friend Leon. But Michael has recently lost both his job and his best friend, and quickly lapses back into old behaviors. He needs to dry out, and he needs to find a job, and he needs to do both right now. But he doesn’t know how to do either without Leon’s help. Best friend to Leon.

Louisa Alvarez
Born: 1985, San Diego, CA
Occupation: Photographer, Freelance
Residence, Jamaica Plain, Boston
A wedding photographer who can’t stand dealing with brides, or the predictable, manufactured romance of the wedding industry. She delights in spontaneity and serendipitous beauty, which only makes her brief relationship with the schedule-obsessed Leon all the more baffling. Ex-girlfriend to Leon.

Paul Montgomery Chelmsworth (The Mayor of The Red Line)
Born: 1954, Northampton, MA
Occupation: Professor of Sociology
Residence: Harvard Sq, Cambridge
An eccentric who can always be found lecturing to passengers on the Red Line, The Mayor has a mission: to lead The Red Line in a formal secession from all state and city governance, and incorporate as a new indpendent municipality.

Gerald Poletti
Born: 1974, Newton, MA
Managing Editor, ThirdSight Media
Residence: Brookline

Born: 1999, Revere, MA
Occupation: Student, Revere Public High School
Residence: Revere

Tyrell Fredericks
Born: 1970, Somerville, MA
Occupations: Director of Human Resources, ThirdSight Media
Residence: Newton, MA

Isabelle Powell
Occupation: Owner, Powell Real Estate
Residence: South Boston, MA

Emily Bespin
Born: 1994, Boston MA
Occupation: Owner, Cloud City Entertainments
Residence: Beacon Hill

Oliver West
Born: 1972
Occupation: Publisher, ThirdSight Media
Residence: Newton, MA

Melissa Weatherby
Born: 1992
Occupation: Assistant to the Mayor, Red Line
Residence: Red Line, MA

Chuck Octagon
Born: 1980
Occupation: News Seven Field Reporter

Autumn West
Born: 1978
Residence: Providence, RI

Isaiah Powell
Born: 1997
Occupation: Student
Residence: Dorchester

Occupation: MBTA Driver
Residence: Red Line, MA

Photo Credit: Carter Hasegawa
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