Transcript for Episode 26: Reputable Citizens


My Advice to the mayor of Boston would be to listen to their constituents.

[Loud rumbling trash can on wheels approaches.]


And, and…make sure that they are following the people.

[Rumbling grows too loud, preventing further discussion. Continues for some time, then moves away.]

[Charlie on the MTA begins playing.]

CHUCK OCTAGON (Jeff Van Dreason)

Bricks. There’s lots of bricks. Everywhere. Very loud. People drag trash cans of them.

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Transcript for Episode 25: But Perhaps there is a Key

THE BIG LOOP promo – Alexander Danner

Hi, Alexander here to tell you about a fiction podcast that Jeff and I have been really enjoying lately. Now, Jeff and I both love a good dramatic monologue–and if you’ve made it this far into Greater Boston, I’m going to assume you do too. So you need to give a listen to The Big Loop by writer Paul Bae and engineer Steve Jin. You might already know Paul’s work from The Black Tapes, but trust us, The Big Loop is a whole other experience. From the tribulations of a professional grief surrogate to an unlucky assassin frustrated by the one that got away, these stories are deep character portraits of humans in crisis, all told with a captivating confessional intimacy. Season 2 has just started, but you can jump in anywhere—every episode is self contained. That’s The Big Loop—stories of finite beings in an infinite universe.



So without telling me your name, or what you do, who are you?

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