Episode 12: Outbound

This week, in Greater Boston: Dimitri explores an ancient city in “To Atlantis;” Gemma explores a brand new city in “To Braintree;” and Nica goes back to where it all began in “To Wonderland.” All of that in the season finale of Greater Boston: Outbound.

Content warnings at end of show notes.

Stay tuned after the credits for an update about Season 2 and forthcoming mini-episodes!

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Transcript for Episode 11: The Red Line Referendum


Male Interview 17
Well, I think it’s really sad the end of late night service that, I myself am home in bed by that time?

Interviewer — Jeff Van Dreason

Male Interview 17
But I think really to be the vibrant city that Boston and the Boston area is, we need to have that kind of world class service.

[Background chatter about Charlie on the MTA song]

So, umm, this November there’s going to be a ballot initiative with everybody in Massachusetts to vote on whether or not the Red Line should secede from Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, all the areas it comes in contact with and form its own independent municipality, its own city, umm with you know businesses, public parks, housing, the whole nine yards. What are your thoughts on that?

Male Interview 17
I completely support the Red Line being an independent government because the Red Line actually has its own culture. And and I actually plan to run for the Mayor of the Red Line.

That is — the best answer you possibly have given us, thank you so much.

Male Interview 17

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Transcript for Episode 10: Vox Populi



Male Interview 6
Oh, Boston is great city. Diversity. You know, there’s a…people come together. Before, when I’d just started school in 1988 I remember, I was, I was one of the guys, young guy, that went to South Boston to demonstrate, ’cause there were kind of, Irish didn’t get along with the Italians, you know, and there’s feud back in the days. Now it’s good. So Boston, diversity is best here. The people get along. And I’ve travelled all over the country. I travelled to West Virginia, where I saw some of the poorest people. And there are people who don’t know what it is to be poor, but I’ve been to a lot of places where people never know what a city is. And this is America! And Boston…you can go anywhere. You can go anywhere and get anything. Any type of food you want.

[Charlie on the MTA begins]

So Boston is a place where you’re hard to lose weight! Because if you need Chinese food, you got the best down…Italian food’s in the North End. You can get Jamaican food down in the Jamaican area. So this is one of the best places to live! I’ve been all over. Florida—you’ve got to drive far to get something in Florida! But this is one of the best places. If you can’t live in Boston and make it in Boston…you can’t make it nowhere.

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Greater Boston on Radio Drama Revival

Alexander and Jeff were honored this week to be included in Radio Drama Revival, a wonderful podcast that spotlights contemporary audio dramas alongside interviews with their creators. We’re both fans of host David Rheinstrom’s interviews, and were thrilled to have opportunity to sit as subject!

There’s lots of discussion here of how the show formed, how Jeff and Alexander collaborate, and how we feel about the weird coincidence of The Red Line Referendum coming in the wake of Brexit.

The episode also includes a re-airing of Episode 4: Leon at the Watch Factory. You can skip the episode if you’ve already heard it, but this one had major early moments for Louisa, Michael, and Nica, plus the first appearance of Mallory. Might be worth a re-listen as we head into the final two episodes of the season!

So, here you go: Radio Drama Revival Episode 440!

Transcript for Episode 9: Leaps of Faith



Interviewer—Jeff Van Dreason

There’s going to be this referendum, and if it gets approved, if people vote yes on it, the Red Line is going to not be part of the MBTA anymore, it’s going to be its own independent city. So people will live on it, there will be businesses down there, on the platforms, in the cars, and in the stations themselves.

What are your thoughts on that?

Female Interview 1

I think people like to feel like they have the right…that’s like…That is privilege right there. I think that is, they’re focussed on so many other things, they’re thinking about building a city in the Red Line? Like, that is that privilege right there.

[Charlie on the MTA begins]

That is unfair. And I don’t mean to target out anybody, but you…we all know who probably proposed that nonsense, so…


Go ahead an tell me.

Female Interview 1

White people. I am sorry! But that is that white privilege.


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