Halloween Special: Worser Worchester

Greater Boston…err…Worser Worcester is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, with recording and technical assistance from Marck Harmon.

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This episode featured:

  • Jeff Van Dreason as Chuck Octagon and OC
  • Josh Rubino as Bobby
  • Julia Schifini as 23 Skidoo
  • Sam Musher as Emily Poletti
  • Tanja Milojevic as Yelena
  • James Capobianco as Gerald Poletti
  • James Oliva as Michael Tate
  • and Marck Harmon as Andy Wood

Haunting Tune and Music Box by Dirk Tiede. On Questions of Discipline and the Naiveté of Flowers by Lloyd Rogers

Transcripts available at GreaterBostonShow.com

Worser Worcester – Greater Boston Halloween Special 2019 Transcript

Worser Worcester 

[Haunting Tune by Dirk Tiede plays]

This is…
This is…
This is…


[News music plays by Dirk Tiede]

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Episode 38: The Voice in Your Head

Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, with recording and technical assistance from Marck Harmon.
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Transcript for Episode 38: The Voice In Your Head



Who are you? And Why are you here?


Um. So…I personally like to get a degree in mechanical engineering technology. I always liked working on things like robotics. I always liked tinkering with things, since I was very young. I think it started when I was five.

[Charlie on the MTA plays]

I don’t even just mean the college. I mean like…on Earth. In this life.


Oh. [laughter.] Oh my god! I haven’t thought about that kind of thing really deeply really, but I just know for a fact that I just like…building things. But um…yeah.

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Transcript for Episode 37: King Nero and the Great George Wombwell



We moved my parents out of my home, my childhood home, because it was so dilapidated that it just wasn’t safe for them to live there anymore. That was gone, and that home meant a lot to me, and created who I am today. And I just went back recently, and the house was torn down, which I knew, but it had turned into a lot filled with trees and bushes and hedges, and it became almost like a jungle or a park. And we just happened to go by when they were tearing down all the trees.

[Charlie on the MTA plays.]




So now it’s just a big empty lot. A guy’s gonna build there. I think he’s probably a speculator. That he’s gonna build and sell. And I always thought maybe I could make it back, maybe I could make it into a park dedicated to my parents. But now its…it’s done.

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Episode 37: King Nero and the Great George Wombwell

Content warnings at end of show notes.
Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, with recording and technical assistance from Marck Harmon.
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This episode featured:
  • Braden Lamb as Leon Stamatis (he/him)
  • Sam Musher as Emily Bespin (she/her)
  • Jordan Higgs as Ethan Bespin (he/him)
  • Kelly McCabe as Nica Stamatis (she/her)
  • Mike Linden as Oliver West (he/him)
  • Michael Melia as Philip West (he/him)
  • James Capobianco as Professor Paul Montgomery Chelmsworth (he/him)
  • Chad Ellis as Jack Vincenzo Wellington (he/him)
  • Jesse Hall as Clark Smith  (he/him)
  • Mischa Stanton as Particle Physics van der Molen (they/them)
  • Jake Del Rio as Fox Fossil Jenkins (he/him)
  • Jessica Washington as Isabelle Powell (she/her)
  • Julia Morizawa as Omi Ogawa (she/her)
  • Tanja Milojevich as Melissa Weatherby (she/her)
  • Julia Schifini as 23 Skidoo (she/her)
  • Mario da Rosa Jr. as Isaiah Powell (he/him)
With Ebi Poweigha as the waiter and Vilte Baliutaviciute and Ryan Estrada as Red Line evictees.
Also featuring:
  • David Rheinstrom
  • Phoebe Joy
  • Jordan Cobb
  • Cole Burkhardt
  • Fox Cooper
  • Tina Daniels
  • Christopher Dole
  • Todd Faulkner
  • Jack Pevyhouse
  • Alma Roda-Gil
  • Zane Sexton
  • and Alex Welch
as Legion.
Interviews with real Greater Boston residents.
Charlie on the MTA by Emily Peterson and Dirk Tiede Go Tell it on the Molehill by Doctor
Turtle Broke Yet and “I Wish Boston was Greater” by Ryan Estrada
Episode transcripts are available online at GreaterBostonShow.com.
Content Notes
  • Strong language
  • Abusive classism
  • Imprisonment
  • Strained circus metaphors

Transcript for Episode 36: Division Signs



Hey, Greater Bostonians. It’s me, Gemma-Linzer Coolidge. And you know one thing I fluffing hate? (beat) Yeah, okay, that’s an impossible question for you to answer. Throw a rock and if you hit something, I probably hate it. Most of you probably thought “writing crap advice columns” or “tuna subs” or “Dipshit” and you’d be right. But no, the thing I hate the most is something I’m pretty sure we all hate. And that thing is cancer.

Fuck cancer. (Monty cries). Sorry Monty, no, I can’t downplay that one. Fuck Cancer.

That’s why I’m asking you to support my run to benefit the Dana-Farber Institute. Since its founding in 1947, Dana-Farber has been committed to providing adults and children with cancer the best treatment available today, while developing tomorrow’s cures through cutting-edge research. if you’re able to give anything to help us cancel cancer, please check the link in the show notes, or visit the Greater Boston twitter page.

Thanks. Now enjoy the episode. It’s a good one. I’m in it a lot.


CHUCK OCTAGON – Jeff Van Dreason
Have you ever had to leave something behind that you really loved?

Yeah, umm. My grandparents used to have a lakehouse. And so that was like the thing to do around 4th of July. And that came with a whole set of traditions, you know. Going on my grandfather’s boat, and like, having, you know, barbeque, and the fireworks from the neighbors and stuff? And like..there potentially a little dangerous because the house was so…old?


LIke, it would go up like a…like a pine needle. And just after he died, you know, I mean the house is together because he was maintaining it? So like, with bubblegum and like duct tape. Obviously it was very hard when he died in general, but then it was like that summer we said goodbye to the…the house. And that was really hard, and I also had to…give up traditions. Continue reading “Transcript for Episode 36: Division Signs”