Female Interview 8
What makes Boston great. Umm. I think what makes it great is it’s…old. I mean, it’s historic and…it’s getting taller which kind of I find sad that the buildings are getting taller, because I’ve always liked the fact that there’s a lot of sunlight in Boston because there aren’t a lot of tall buildings.

Female Interview 2
Well I like seeing Boston at night time. You know, I think it’s so beautiful. Umm, the people here are pretty awesome sometimes.

Male Interview 7

Honestly, personally I believe, uhh the people here just definitely much nicer than the area I grew up in.

Female Interview 4
The places you can go just in less than three or five hours by walking distance.

Female Interview 3
Uhh, it’s walkability. And it’s…uh, pretty. I think For the most part. And it’s really great in the spring and the Autumn. It’s very pretty then.

Female Interview 4
You can see from the seaport area to Harvard Square, which is the historic buildings around there.

Female Interview 8
And it’s just, it’s so spread out. I think it’s very manageable to get around.

Female Interview 4
From there you can go to East Boston, see a little bit more of the Latino area. There’s more in East Boston. Revere. The views are amazing.

Male Interview 3
What makes Boston great is its diversity. And how it’s so big on education and how many colleges are home to Boston.

Male Interview 1
Boston’s great because, you know, there’s just a lot to do in it.

Female Interview 4
The jobs that I’ve had, the friendships that I’ve had, the homes that I’ve lived before in a rented apartment, it was amazing. So. Overall it’s just. Boston is great.


Mini-Episode: Tag! Transcript

[Charlie on the MTA plays]


This is
This is
This is
Greater Boston

[Phone ringing]


MICHAEL (Voice message) – James Oliva

Hey! This is Michael Tate. If you need to reach me, feel free to try my extension at ThirdSight media, 1315. There’s a very good chance I’m staying late at the office researching various ways to predict the future. Thanks!


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Episode 12: Outbound

This week, in Greater Boston: Dimitri explores an ancient city in “To Atlantis;” Gemma explores a brand new city in “To Braintree;” and Nica goes back to where it all began in “To Wonderland.” All of that in the season finale of Greater Boston: Outbound.

Content warnings at end of show notes.

Stay tuned after the credits for an update about Season 2 and forthcoming mini-episodes!

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Transcript for Episode 11: The Red Line Referendum


Male Interview 17
Well, I think it’s really sad the end of late night service that, I myself am home in bed by that time?

Interviewer — Jeff Van Dreason

Male Interview 17
But I think really to be the vibrant city that Boston and the Boston area is, we need to have that kind of world class service.

[Background chatter about Charlie on the MTA song]

So, umm, this November there’s going to be a ballot initiative with everybody in Massachusetts to vote on whether or not the Red Line should secede from Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, all the areas it comes in contact with and form its own independent municipality, its own city, umm with you know businesses, public parks, housing, the whole nine yards. What are your thoughts on that?

Male Interview 17
I completely support the Red Line being an independent government because the Red Line actually has its own culture. And and I actually plan to run for the Mayor of the Red Line.

That is — the best answer you possibly have given us, thank you so much.

Male Interview 17

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