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Greater Boston is a bi-monthly full-cast audio drama set in the Boston metro area, blending the real and the unreal, the historical and the fantastical. It all begins with the death of Leon Stamatis, a man so enamored of predictability that the least hint of uncertainty makes life unbearable. But by leaving the world, he has irrevocably changed it.

The show is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason.

What People are Saying About Greater Boston:

“…a neatly framed storytelling and monologues podcast which isn’t afraid to show its skeleton a little….Some cracking soundscape work throughout as well.” –Andy Goddard, of Wooden Overcoats

“I recommend you fight the urge to stick with predictability and give this chaotic breath of fresh air a chance.” -Robert Cudmore, The Podcast Host

“…Greater Boston is fascinating in unexpected ways.” –That Ol’ Radio Show


All queries can be directed to info@greaterbostonshow.com.

Twitter: InGreaterBoston

Facebook: facebook.com/GreaterBostonShow/

Greater Boston is written in part at The Writers’ Room of Boston, a non-profit organization providing secure, affordable workspace to Boston-area writers.

Photo credit: Carter Hasegawa